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How Do We Study Objects?

Analyses in Artefact Studies

The House of Science and Letters in Helsinki (6 Kirkkokatu) on 8–9 May 2014.


How are objects studied and by what means? How is information produced when material culture is examined? The conference focuses on the diverse methods and analyses available for studying objects, the ways that these means are put to use, and the results that they yield.

Keynote speakers

Material images: Photographs between evidence and affect
Research Professor in Photographic History and Director of the Photographic History Research Centre
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Objects of a Passion: Garments as Material Evidence
Professor of Dress History and Curatorship
University of the Arts London, UK

The main language of the conference is English. There is also a session in Finnish.

The speakers are advised to take into account the heterogeneous backgrounds of the participants. Thus, it is recommended, for instance, that specialised terminology be explained to the audience and concrete examples provided.

The conference venue, the House of Science and Letters is located in the historic centre of Helsinki, near the Senate Square and the University. The building is administered by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The address is 6 Kirkkokatu:

The conference desk and the plenary sessions (in auditorium 104) are located on the ground floor.

Participants can freely choose their accommodation. Practical information:

Near the conference venue there are, for example, Hotel Arthur, Hotel Cumulus Kaisaniemi and Sokos Hotel Helsinki:


Please send any inquiries via e-mail to

Artefacta is an open network of over 700 university researchers, museum curators, students, conservators, collectors, enthusiasts and antiquarians. The network aims at increasing the appreciation of material culture and artefact studies, developing interdisciplinary exchange amongst various academic disciplines, and establishing new contacts between academia, museums, and others interested in objects and their study. Artefacta hosts an online service for disseminating information and promoting discussion.

Suomen Muinaismuistoyhdistys

Suomen Muinaismuistoyhdistys

Finska Fornminnesföreningen

The Finnish Antiquarian Society

The conference is supported financially by the
Kone Foundation.


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tukee konferenssin järjestämistä.

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